South Africa, Burkina Faso, and Malawi lead HANCI-Africa 2019

FAO’s most recent State of Food Insecurity and Nutrition in the World (2020) report shows more than 250 million people were undernourished in Africa. The prevalence of undernutrition (PoU) had risen from 17.6 percent (in 2014) to 19.1 percent of

Tanzania makes great strides to tackle hunger and undernutrition

On Africa Day, while the continent continues to face significant challenges in its fight against hunger and undernutrition (pdf), several African governments have increased their commitments in the fight against hunger and undernutrition. Launched today, the Global Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index

South Africa, Malawi and Madagascar lead commitment to combat hunger and undernutrition in Africa

African governments vary widely in their commitment to ending hunger and undernutrition, new research launched today shows. The new Hunger and Nutrition Commitment Index – Africa (HANCI-Africa) 2016, produced by the Institute of Development Studies (UK) with the African Union’s